Pros: As a Quality Technician, I like how easy it is to set up and access data. I have used it to maintain the calibration of over 1500 pieces of inspection equipment, monitor shelf life product, train employees on the use of inspection equipment and document their proficiency, and define and document specific inspection methods. I have been through many Customer, ISO and AS audits, and ProShop’s ease of use and linking ability has made the process go smoothly and quickly. As a Machinist, I like knowing that I can access only the most current information for the part from the Work Order. Adding helpful information about set up, running, inspection and deburring of the part is easy. Adding photos is simple and very helpful. ProShop maintains traceability all the way through the entire process. From Purchase Order, Rev level, material, machining operations, first article and in process inspection, assembly operations, outside processing, packing and shipping instructions, to invoicing with ease.

Cons: There may be too many different ways to do the same thing, some of which use the autofill feature and some that do not.

Comments (Benefits): The ability to excel at my job, because of having access to so much current and accurate data.