Do you have a passion for manufacturing, or software development? Have you worked in the industry and felt frustrated by the the noticeable lack of good enterprise software that is actually well suited to manufacturing? Well, join the team!  No, really…join our awesome team and help us revolutionize the manufacturing ERP world!  We are currently looking for many different employees, from ERP developers, IT support and ERP implementation specialists.

See our current job openings below and we would love to talk with you if you think working with us sounds cool. Please email us with your resume and tell us about yourself.


Going to work every day should be about far more than bringing home a paycheck. It should be rewarding because you know you helped someone that day. You helped a company founder sleep easier that night because they could see a little better how they could unravel the mysteries of their own company. Or because over a brainstorming session with a customer you designed a new interface or dashboard that would allow that customer unprecedented understanding to a persistent problem.

At Adion Systems, we are in the business of helping people and companies reach their highest potential with our software solutions. We do it through deep engagement with our customers – on the shop floor and in the office. Partnering decades of shop experience with the very latest thinking in computer coding and software development to create disruptive solutions to age-old problems. You’d think it would have been done before now, but it hasn’t…so we are doing it today. If this sounds better than your daily grind, connect with us today. We think you’ll like it.

Current Openings

We’re always looking for great folks to join our amazing team! If you like the sound of what we’re doing over here at ProShop, then we’d like to hear from you. Our goal is to build a diverse team of kind, smart, humble and helpful people who love what they do, so that we can delight our clients and be a force for good in manufacturing and the world. Send your cover letter and resume to us