A few details that are worth considering when deciding if ProShop is the right system for your company.

Check out what some of our clients have to say about our Implementation process:



Designed to figure out the best-fit Implementation Specialist for your company


Meet your Implementation Specialist and go over the Training and Implementation Process


Fall primarily to the Implementation Specialist and the ProShop Lead, and involve the initial settings for your site


Training is carried out primarily by your Implementation Specialist, preferably with the close assistance of your company’s internal ProShop Lead.


Whether onsite or remote, this is obviously an essential part of ProShop Implementation.


Your company  will be well on its way to harnessing the power and advantages inherent in ProShop, and it will be time to transition from Training to Maintenance.

ProShop hands down fastest and flawless onboarding. I’ve installed SAP, Peoplesoft, JDEdwards, while at bigger companies… all took 1.5 years and 8-10 consultants. One SAP project we never got to work and cancelled 2 years into it, CEO was fired, and they built some custom piece of Frankenstein ERP because the CIO wanted to be emperor. That never came online either. I then installed E2 Shoptech and JobBoss at my own startups in past. Installs took 4-6 months and many modules never functioned as advertised so we still ended up using Ms Excel everywhere UGH! I was about to send PO to E2 again for my new company thinking I would just go with “the devil you know”… but thankfully I came across a video like this about ProShop and learned there is a better way!

All of our implementation staff have deep manufacturing backgrounds – mouse over these pictures to learn more about some of our amazing team members!

Brian Anderson

Brian has worked with ProShop for 19 years. He has worked on the shop floor his entire career, as a machinist, shift lead, and master scheduler among others. He deeply understands our customers needs and how ProShop can help solve their problems.

Vince Ceausu

Vince has worked with ProShop for 6 years.  Before working for ProShop, Vince was an inspector, a QMS specialist. Vince has a deep understanding of quality systems and how ProShop’s QMS modules integrate with the ERP and MES modules.

Luc Dorais

Luc has been working with ProShop for 15 years.  Before working for ProShop, Luc was a machinist and even owned his own machine shop. Luc knows as much about machine shops as anyone you will ever meet. Luc’s nickname is “The Machinist Whisperer”

Zach Stinson

Zach has been working with ProShop for 20 years. Zach has been a machinist, quality manager, purchasing manager, operations manager, QMS coordinator and accounting manager. He brings a deep understanding of manufacturing to our clients.

Michael Collins

Michael has been using ProShop for __ years.  He is one of our QMS specialist. He has helped many customers Implement ProShop and also become ISO 9001 or AS9100 certified.

Garrison Bengston

Garrison has been using ProShop for __ years. Before working for ProShop, Garrison was a machinist……..



The typical method which is the least cost for clients, and the easiest from an IT perspective, is to use Adion Systems cloud servers. We host with AWS on US based servers exclusively. There is no setup cost for our clients. Most cloud clients still store their files on their local network. Your only requirement is to provide access to your local file server, as all your files are still stored locally. This system offers the best option of local secure file storage, the ability for you to set file permissions based on which user or computer is accessing the system.


This method is more expensive for clients as they need to provide their own server to host ProShop, but it is the best option for some clients who aren’t able to do the cloud option. Clients who choose on-premise generally have lower uptime compared to our cloud offering because of not being able to manage their servers as well.


After completing the basic and advanced training that is part of the installation and implementation process, clients will move over to our highly rated support system.

Support staff are available during business hours to answer questions and provide support*. Support is always included at no cost when on maintenance or active subscriptions. We also offer client webinar training on common topics at no cost.

Clients may request more formal training sessions at our normal hourly rate. We understand that every client is critically important to our future success. We won’t stand for anything less than raving fans of our software, our support and our people. We achieve this by providing world-class software and support at a very fair and competitive cost. Please ask us for references!