The Importance of Cybersecurity

How not to get in trouble with the DOD and FBI

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Client Case Study


Client Profile

  • 50+ person machine shop
  • Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Commercial parts
  • Practicing good cyber-hygiene
  • On-Prem ERP hosting with local backups for files and ERP database – BUT, backups for ERP database was not working properly

What Happened?

  • Ransomware entered system via Phishing email
  • Privileges escalated once in the network, then Data Exfiltration
  • Entire internal network was encrypted, meaning everything was unavailable
  • Threatened with the release of data if ransom not paid

How did they Recover?

  • Had to wipe the server and client machines connected to the network
  • Their database backup was not running as designed – ProShop ERP was able to restore their database within 24 hours
  • DoD and FBI helping to monitor the dark web to see if the data is actually released for sale

Best Practices

  • Offsite/Offline backups
  • Security Awareness and Training
  • Use MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)
  • Consider Cloud ERP – Cloud ERP is more robust

Resources to stay on top of alerts

  • Subscribe to the CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) Newsletters – the most critical vulnerabilities, along with mitigation strategies for them, are tracked and reported. Updates go out near daily, and focus on the most important issues
  • CMMC: The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification contains a blueprint for cybersecurity within your organization. Even if you are not required to be certified, implementing some of the requirements will bring benefits
  • ProShop ERP has multiple features that can assist with CMMC compliance, and security architecture in general, such as:
    • Highly configurable password requirements
    • 100,000 most commonly used passwords NOT ALLOWED to be used as passwords
    • Fully integrated MFA with FIPS compliant Yubikeys
    • See ProShop Security Features for more information
  • CMMC Flying Start Package: implement, track, and maintain your requirements within the ProShop architecture. Learn more about CMMC and ProShop here.
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