The equipment module is a fully functional CMMS system, where all company assets, equipment and inspection equipment are managed.  It serves the dual function of managing and tracking all maintenance for any equipment as well as calibration requirements for precision instruments.  Responsible parties can be assigned to any equipment or specific maintenance item.  For example, members of your maintenance staff can be assigned as responsible for machine tool oil and filter changes, while quality department staff may be assigned to machine calibration.  Responsible parties will be proactively alerted when their respective assignments are nearing their due dates.  Complete work instructions including videos, photos and more can be created for any action item. A BOM can be added to any item which integrates into our COTs and Purchasing modules to alert purchasing staff of requirements and can decrement the inventory of any COTs item on the BOM.  A complete history of all equipment actions is always available for reporting or audits with linked certs back to NIST.