The estimates module allows you quickly create detailed cost and time estimates for parts or assemblies – either from scratch or our Rapid Estimate Template system.  You can create any process flow for the part you are estimating, including labor time for set-up and cycle time, out-of-pocket costs for raw materials, BOM items, and out-of-plant processes.  You can specify vendors and attach quotes for materials, specify lead times, markup amounts or percentages, include detailed notes about operations and processes, etc.  You can completely customize direct labor rates for every process, modify overhead burden rates, profit margins, sales commissions, etc. When your estimate is finalized and you’re ready to send a quote to the customer, with a single click you can generate a quote to email.  All estimates include a list of all quotes on which that estimate has been included.

The information in the estimate will then flow seamlessly into the Part module if that part is ordered by the customer.  It will provide the foundation of the router, BOM, material, etc.  Then all the manufacturing and inspection details are developed in the part module.