Non-Conformance Reports (NCR)

The NCR module tracks and manages any kind of quality non-conformance and ties it back to the ERP system.  NCRs can be one of three types: Internal (Work Order), External (Vendor PO), or Customer (RMA). When initiated from any of these other modules, the NCR will be completely filled out with all the related and linked modules for reporting and searching.  These links would include all the details including related Part numbers, Work Orders, customer Purchase Orders, vendor Purchase Orders. When NCRs are created, automated alerts can be generated for any User(s) in the company such as QA Managers, Inspectors, Shift Leads, Project Managers.

The NCR dashboard very powerful and extremely easy to use for tracking and reporting on NCRs based on any possible criteria such as employees, customers, workcells, work shifts, vendor, part numbers, cause code, NCR code, scrap rate, and much more. Detailed analysis using this dashboard can provide insight into where to focus efforts to reduce the cost of non-conformances. All data is easily exported without third party software for further use if needed.