The Parts module is where all part specific work instructions, quality templates, shop routings, and more are kept.  Media rich and visual work instructions including text, photos, and videos help guide employees to hit set-up and run targets, and helps to eliminate tribal knowledge on the shop floor. The latest revision of all work instructions is maintained in the parts module and all historic work instructions are kept in the Parts Archive module.  If you want to know exactly what the work instructions were from a Work Order 5 years ago, you can see that with 3 mouse clicks.  The latest digitally approved drawing revision is accessible from the Parts module. From the Parts module you can look up every part you have ever made for any customer, including showing a list with thumbnail pictures next to every part number.  You can also see a list of all the currently active, in-process and completed Work Orders for any part number.  Creation of Parts also triggers PDM functionality, automatically generating predefined folder structures on company file servers to manage all external documents not held within ProShop such as drawings, CAM data, photos, G-Code, etc.

CAM users will enjoy the ability to embed simulation videos into work instructions and link directly to set-up sheets from their CAM system.  Reducing machine set-up time has never been easier.