Knowing the status of your jobs and if you will be on time is hard!  To do it well, you need to have up-to-the-minute status of jobs currently on the machines and if you have everything needed for jobs about to hit the machine. How will the delivery date be affected if you are down for unplanned repairs or maintenance?  These complex challenges are what ProShop scheduling was designed to easily manage. ProShop scheduling is a finite capacity system, showing you in real-time, the exact number of hours left on all jobs currently on Workcells and when they will finish based on your shift schedule.  It tells you if you will be on time with your jobs and even forecasts if you will be on time for all future jobs based on your scheduled hours and available staff. Advanced scheduling analytics calculate dates Work Orders need to leave to ship to the customer or out-of-plant processes and when they need to return for any additional processes before shipping to the customer based on many factors.  Color coding of Work Orders on the Schedule indicate if all required actions have been completed before a Work Order can be successfully set-up on a machine, including all planning, programming, raw materials received, cutting tools in stock, fixtures pulled and ready.  These checklists are fully customizable by customers.  This functionality allows for the minimum spindle downtime between jobs.