The Task module is an extremely robust yet lightweight way to document and rev. control all of the important tasks, processes and work instructions in your company.  With a full text editor built in, they may include rich text, checklists, videos, photos, PDFs, etc.  A list of Users who are trained in the Task is included along with their individual training record which documents their proficiency level, date of training and the name of the trainer.  Spawning a new draft rev takes a single click and once the revisions are made, releasing the document for approval will send notification to the document owner.  Once the revision is approved, the current revision is automatically archived, the new draft becomes the latest revision and the trained Users will receive Message alerts to review the new revision of the Task.

This simple workflow process allows the organization to make revisions quickly and easily, enabling the Task module to be actively used to improve company processes and developing a culture of continuous improvement.