Time Tracking

It is essential for time tracking to be accurate, specific and fast to record.  The Time Tracking module was designed to take just a few seconds to interface with and allows employees to record which Work Orders they are working on (if any), what type of work they are doing such as set-up, running, programming, troubleshooting, how many parts have been made and more.  All parameters are intelligently pre-filled based on the page the user is on when initiating time tracking including the Work Order, Workcells, operation, time/date and flow status.  Multiple time tracking entries can be simultaneously made to allow flexibility for users to run more than one piece of equipment or Work Order at a time.  All time tracking data feeds into the job costing system so actual direct labor costs are automatically generated in real-time.

Managers can also easily see exactly what all employees are working on at any time. Because ProShop knows the wage or salary of every employee, this data is also automatically integrated into company-wide cost calculations for WIP, overhead, etc.