The Tooling module is where all consumable tooling is managed and tracked. Any important attribute can be recorded, searched, etc. In addition to seeing a complete inventory of all tools in the tool crib, users can also see any tool that is currently in use in a Workcell (machine tool or tool caddy) and what is forecast to be needed from any current Work Orders. A full cost and purchasing history is available for all tools showing vendor, cost, lead time, which Work Order they were purchased for.  Active tooling requirements as well as triggers for minimum inventory values are managed in the Purchasing module using the shopping cart system.

For shops using Mastercam, tool information can also be exported into Mastercam individually or for an entire job.  Tool lists can then be used to set-up a caddy or CNC machine offline and will accept tool length and diameter data directly from your presetter and then will generate the appropriate offset file to upload into your machine.

Please read about one customer who shared the impact the Tooling module has had for their company here.