The Training module offers training for any Task, Quality Procedure, or stand-alone activity. Trainings include instructions on how to accomplish any activity, and may include tests, videos, photos, etc.  When a User completes a training, they are signed off on a new higher proficiency level by the designated trainer. Training lists are included for every Company Position so employees can clearly see what training they need to accomplish in order to be qualified for promotions to new Company Positions. Training matrices are also available to review company-wide training proficiency levels, filtered and sorted by shift. Training gaps can also be seen on the Org Chart under Company Positions. Similar to Tasks, when revisions are made for a Training record, only the trained users will receive Message alerts to review the new revision of the Training.

The training module makes it much easier to ensure that all the elements of your QMS will be followed properly. The training module is also great for any type of training you may want to create from shop best practices, shop math and more.  It enables companies to rapidly develop their employees skills to better serve the company and customers.