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my company is awesome
Company Size51-200
Switched FromEstiTrac

The best ERP system on the market!

Pros: One of the best things is the fact it’s cloud based, so I can work from anywhere and get things done without being tied down to a computer at the shop. In addition, the Support team is great resolving questions/queries that may arise. Easy to click and navigate, and hyperlinks all over that link to all kinds of part, customer, or work order information. Cons: Being only able to upload one image at a time can be annoying at times. Editing file names that are uploaded needs a little revamping so you don’t have to checkout all the time

Mike Long

Powerful Software

Pros: I really love this software. It is designed to be a paperless system which makes record keeping much easier. Very user friendly to navigate through. It is Internet based so you can upload pictures and videos to a specific job or operation. Job costing works live all throughout the process. Machine efficiency, utilization and indirect time are very easy to track. Very easy to create your own search query and pull very specific reports that may be unique to your business. It goes on and on. Cons: The scheduling function was a little cumbersome to use. It was difficult

Dan Burkett

The ERP System You Will Love!

Pros: Real-time, accessible data. Data is at one’s fingertips! Job status can easily be reviewed and reported back to the customer with confidence. With a simple query search, one can easily glean off of past jobs for production times, out of pocket costs, setup information, etc. the list goes on. Another aspect would be understanding shop capacity and schedule. This is key to meeting growing customer expectations and the ability to take on expedite orders. I would also add that the Adion team is quick to respond to client requests or questions through an online support desk. Having worked with

Andrew McNabb

ProShop: integral to our growth

Pros: As many ERP systems should do, ProShop puts organizational, operational, project and part information in a central repository. One of ProShop’s strengths is ‘process workflows’ that really work. Cons: ProShop is continuing to improve the online help files. However, the guided implementation process and support (email, video conference, phone, etc.) are the best we’ve found in the complex software world. Alternatives Considered: Global Shop Solutions, E2 Shop System, Infor VISUAL, JobBOSS Reasons for Choosing ProShop: We chose ProShop after being introduced to the software by a young manufacturing professional. He shared that ProShop was the best solution for custom

Jared Veteto


Pros: ProShop organizes every aspect of our company. Traceability and overall accuracy are of most importance. With multiple levels of quality control (including check lists and document verification), ProShop provides security and confidence in our work. The fluidity of each module and their relationship to each other is intuitive. Cons: In the beginning, ProShop was a dramatic change from our previously disorganized system. We have learned to approach things differently, in a more efficient way with ProShop. Any complaints I may have are easily resolved with research and practice. We have only explored 60% of Proshop’s capabilities. We are looking

Jonathan Todd

Great System!

Pros: Very user friendly, very easy to fix any mistakes since all the boxes are text boxes that can be edited. I like the info boxes all throughout that help explain and go into details about things if you aren’t sure what they are or what they might do. Cons: Can be slightly overwhelming initially when using it but after a little bit it all starts making more and more sense. Switched From: JobBOSS Comments (Benefits): Been a very positive experience! They are always super helpful if you ever have questions or are stuck on something, they will take the

Spencer Rowley

Tried it out

Pros: The software does have a nice design. We can see it being a replacement for our current software. We would sill try it out before switching. Cons: As of now we have no reason not to go for it. We need to finish off our old contract with our current provider. Comments (Benefits): Once we stream line the software we would be very please to see how we can use it to help our shop.

Paul Sedmak

Just what we needed!

Pros: The software is very intuitive, there are hyperlinks everywhere to easily jump to information pertaining to the screen you are currently using. The software allows tracking for all processes throughout a job and eliminates much of the scrambling that is present in quick turn prototyping. Absolutely all of our needs are met in this software and more. The team was also great in implementing our cloud based server on Amazon Gov cloud to help us meet ITAR data security requirements. Cons: No con’s that outside of minor personal preference. Alternatives Considered: NetSuite Reasons for Choosing ProShop: The cost very

Jason Davis

ProShop Software

Pros: The software is very user friendly for people at all levels of the organization. The single software manages all aspects of our manufacturing company beginning with estimating and ending with invoicing. It is completely paperless and eliminates many unneeded man hours for tasks like data entry or collecting out of rev prints from the shop floor. It also manages our entire QMS to ensure compliance with AS9100 and incorporates the requirements of the QMS into standard workflows for all employees. This makes audits very easy to prepare for. It also integrates easily with Quickbooks for ease of accounting functions.

Jeff Ferrara

Small shop, Large Vision

Pros: With this software, we are performing proactive responses and communicating more precisely, which saves time. Working thru the software is so easy and smooth. We can do more with less staff. Cons: Too much information. With any new software change, there is a learning curve. It takes some some to adjust. Switched From: Epicor ERP Reasons for Switching to ProShop: Customer service. Plus the software is not catered only for job shops. Comments (Benefits): Lost work orders are a thing of the past. The ability to work thru different portions of the software thru with just a click away.

Susan Ralph

Small shop implementation, very happy with results so far!

Pros: If I had to choose one thing I would say the ability to access it anywhere. It has helped me so often to be able to pull up real time data and relevant information on any device with an internet connection. Cons: There is so many great features that it sometimes becomes overwhelming. Have to take learning a little slower and understand how ProShop “thinks” then navigation and interfacing becomes more natural. Comments (Benefits): Overall I think implementing ProShop has been one of the best things we have ever done. It makes our processes so much smoother and easier

Ryan Carr

Awesome Software

Pros: ProShop is a game changer. There are too many to functions of the software that help me do my job, as well as help others to list here. Some of the main features that help me as the Production manager are: Time Tracking, Profit tracking and traceability. On top of an overall great product Proshop’s customer service is top notch. From implementation to continual support Proshop has responded quickly, and accurately. Cons: I have not found many issues, only recommendation would be to have a calendar function. Comments (Benefits): My overall experience with ProShop has been exceptional. Not only

Brannon McKinney

OCD review

Pros: Ease of use, everything in one program. The speed at which we can estimate accurately Cons: Forms, could use better form layout. IE customer ability to create their own form layout Comments (Benefits): Excellent

Chris Jaynes

Outstanding software, delivered from an amazing team

Pros From the moment you start using ProShop running your business is so much more streamlined and efficient. ProShop is by far the best ERP/QMS/MES software on the market today. ProShop definitely gives us a competitive advantage. Cons Being based in Melbourne Australia, some of the terminology in the software was a little unfamiliar, but the team at Proshop did an awesome job working with us to help implement the system. Comments (Benefits): Increase productivity, increased profits, increase in customer satisfaction.

Adrian Sansonetti

Top notch software.

Pros: The best part of the software is how easy it is to move between the features. All of the information you would want about a part or process is never more than a click or two away. I also like how scalable it is. It works for a company whether they have 3 or 300 employees. Cons: A couple of the modules could use a little refinement to bring them up to the same standard as everything else. Comments (Benefits): We finally have a tool to effectively transfer and store information between all departments of our company. With ProShop

Tybalt Quale

ProShop is Truly Superb, WAY more than an ERP Package, Nothing else even comes close! Value++

Pros: So much information with such little effort. Once you understand how the software propagates your data everyone everywhere across your facility has live up to the minute data. We’re talking paperless! All your data is current, Live scheduling, perfect history tracking, it’s also a time clock system. You get live feedback on how your progress is currently at all stages of production. Every department across the company uses interconnected modules that auto fill information throughout the company. It has an internal mail system to easily reach anyone at anytime. I don’t have to walk all over the plant to

Luc Dorais

Pros: The detail it has the ability to store and collect. Love the fact not everything has to be filled out to continue on with the work. The team seem very intelligent and understands the actual work being performed, unlike other ERP systems that focus mainly on Accounting.
Cons: Not all of the bugs are corrected and development to fix issues is slow. Most help links are not helpful or nonexistent.
Linking of documentation company-wide. Paperless system that provides the most up to date information at all times. The development team is very willing to work with us

Cody Yager
Flying S

this ERP software doesn’t work in “theory” it just works. Amazing. It literally saved my business.

It is POWERFUL yet simple. I also really enjoy the people behind the software. Best software support we have had to date.
Cons: I don’t like that the software doesn’t have a button to press to eject people that don’t follow easy to understand/follow pro-shop rules out of my building. : )

Matt Gawlik
3D Industries

ProShop is miles ahead of other MRPs

ProShop has been a really positive change after using another large MRP for years. Most of the difference comes down to a simple yet powerful user interface and excellent customer service support.

Timothy Temple
Dylan Manufacturing Inc.

Excellent ERP System for Machine Shops

My company evaluated many ERP systems for our 50 person machine shop in 2014 and decided upon ProShop. We selected the system because of its completely linked operational system, and because it makes it easy to be fully compliant to AS9100.
We have been very happy with the transition and with the software. The built-in tools for analysis have allowed us to focus on areas of improvement, and our customers and third-party auditors have been highly impressed with the ease and speed of gathering information from the ProShop.
I highly recommend this ERP system for both small and

Robert Peha
IDL Precision Machining

Amazing program

Pros: modular, scheduling, QA system included, all web based(use in any location)
Cons: none
Comments (Benefits):
I began using Proshop about 3 years ago. The goal for the shop that I work at was to become AS certified and more efficient in our processing of orders. Pre-Proshop for us looked like excel spreadsheets that took hours upon hours to manipulate and keep up to date and also physically chasing orders through the shop. This was companywide from PO entry to shipping. With Proshop we are now able to see the data we need automatically updated at any

Robbie Belling
IDL Precision Machining

Long time ProShop user

Pros: Easy access to every piece of information in your business instantaneously. No need to hunt through filling cabinets, searching for a print from last year that had a note on it that you need. Within just a few seconds you can pull up any job you have ran and all information about that job is right where you left it.
Cons: none.
Comments (Benefits):
I have been running ProShop for 4.5-yrs and have come to depend on it as much as any other asset in my business. ProShop significantly reduces time consumption in all aspects of

Joe Pearce
Pearce Design LLC

All-in-one software that gives us real time visibility from anywhere in the world

Pros: That it is an all-in-one software that gives us real time visibility from anywhere in the world.
Cons: Some software updates can be rather lengthy between releases.
Comments (Benefits):
Pro Shop has significantly reduced our labor rates, as it has provided us a paperless system that is real time and extremely accurate. Pro Shop is a very robust MRP software that is an all-in-one software from product concept-to invoice of orders. It manages our product and processes in such a way that we have been able to reduce our overhead while increasing production. All this while

Richard Olson
Sealth Aero Marine

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3D INDUSTRIES Full Interview - (35 Min)

ProShop has been a game changer for our shop!

"We purchased a well-established, long running shop with a great regional reputation…with plans to grow. One hurdle in the way was the 20 year old homegrown “ERP”. Don’t get me wrong, it served the shop very well for a long time, but it was tired, cumbersome and built on a platform no longer supported. I came from an IT background many years ago, specifically integrating various solutions into manufacturing ERP systems and I immediately began researching all the options on the market. Fortunately, I came across ProShop, headed to IMTS to meet with their crew and came home knowing what choice I was making.

My biggest hesitation was rolling out a paperless system to our team. The ProShop team made the entire process so easy! We immediately began online training, got ProShop onsite and were going live in no time at all.

The results? Completely exceeded our expectations.

From the Sales modules making our estimating and quoting process much faster and trackable allowing us to win more jobs, to the tracking of orders and schedules, to the actual running of jobs. My management team alone is saving 40+ hours weekly simply having important information available at their finger tips to make decisions quickly and confidently. Knowing what jobs are running when, our purchasing department has been able to buy smarter resulting in COGS reduction of +10% through the first 6 months of implementation. Shop management is able to, at a glance, schedule jobs across 30+ machines in a logical order that helps ensure we deliver parts on time to our customers. We are able to communicate with customers in real-time about their jobs and make adjustments as necessary to make certain our customer needs are met.

The biggest unplanned benefit was the depth of knowledge ProShop has given me about our shop. As a 40+ year old shop, coming from and 20+ year old home grown “ERP”, there was tons of tribal knowledge that is now being captured, documented, and shared. ProShop also exposed problems we didn’t even know we had. Now we are able to make confident decisions based on real data not just historical assumptions.

We bought the shop with plans for growth. We’ve experienced ~50% quarter over quarter growth the last 3 quarters since implementing ProShop. We could not have done it without ProShop."

The best ERP system on the market!

Pros: One of the best things is the fact it’s cloud based, so I can work from anywhere and get things done without being tied down to a computer at the shop. In addition, the Support team is great resolving questions/queries that may arise. Easy to click and navigate, and hyperlinks all over that link to all kinds of part, customer, or work order information. Cons: Being only able to upload one image at a time can be annoying at times. Editing file names that are uploaded needs a little revamping so you don’t have to checkout all the time

Mike Long

Look no further

Pros: ProShop is in all in one tool for our business. From quotes to cash ProShop does it all. This software helps everyone from the office to the manufacturing floor get the information they need to do their job. We finally did our first quality audit with ProShop and it was a breeze. Cons: A few hiccups as with every ERP but the customer service make up for it 10x. If you have any questions they are there till help. Alternatives Considered: E2 Shop System, JobBOSS Reasons for Choosing ProShop: Has all the solutions we were looking for. No customization

Vivek Lekhi

Powered by Proshop

Pros: -Customer Service is excellent – responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. -Quality Oriented – The quality module is extensive and made our ISO audit easier than ever before. -Web Based – Office employees have the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Hyperlinks make navigation between different areas of the software easy and intuitive. Cons: – Tracking machine and labor hours to Work Orders can be difficult for unmanned jobs where multiple people bounce back and forth between work centers. Comments (Benefits): Our experience with ProShop has been excellent so far. ProShop allows everyone in our shop to access

Nathan Van Deraa

ProShop for the win

Pros: This product is revolutionizing my company. These guys have done all the heavy lifting so that I can work on my business while the system works the business. Cons: This system is very configurable. That means there is a lot to learn. Its a Marathon. It takes a lot of time to get up and running but I can already see how beneficial it will be. Even now my estimating process is totally integrated and seamless.
Alternatives ConsideredE2 Shop System Reasons for Choosing ProShop: It was developed by machinists for machinists. Best value. Comments (Benefits): My company has

Scott Streeter

ProShop in a Student-Run Manufacturing Business

Pros:cProShop is a very robust ERP system that is intuitive to use. The primary users of ProShop in our student-run business are high school students. They can pickup the basics of ProShop very quickly once they start using the system. Cons: The immense amount of functionality in ProShop is actually a slight con for us, though it may be a pro for most manufacturers. The sheer amount of features made it intimidating at first glance but this is the case with all ERP software I have seen. After using the software, we found it very intuitive. Alternatives Considered: E2 Shop

Chris Townsend

ProShop has helped us work on the right project at the right time.

Pros: I like that the employees on the shop floor can add information to a part for setup/part production themselves instead of finding a supervisor to do it for them. We also like that it makes folders that are linked to the part in the system so we find that we don’t loose any CAD or CAM information anymore. We just started using the tool module and linking tools to parts which has been helpful to be able to order the correct tooling before the part is ready to run on the floor. Employees have said they feel more comfortable

Tim VanderToorn

If there is a superhero for software, Proshop is it!

Pros: ProShop gives substantial visibility and management of open orders, scheduling, time management, machining capacity and full visibility and control over profit margins. The software has many other features that set a company up for success such as training, quality control, time management, inventory management, ability to eliminate tribal knowledge and so many more. The organization of the software is simple and easy to use. I also love that the company is still small enough that you know everyone. You get to know and work with the same guys that you started with post implementation. Cons: For the most part

Holly Wiseman

Software for small business that THINK BIG

Pros: This software can manage data anywhere. Cons: There is nothing that I like least about this software. Alternatives Considered: JobBOSS Reasons for Choosing ProShop: Proshop was offering more options for the manufacturing shop floor. Switched From: Epicor ERP Reasons for Switching to ProShop: I had a long list of challenges that my current software was not doing. Proshop was able to complete my long list of requirements. Comments (Benefits): Proshop is so easy to work with. It is truly a new partnership.

Linda Rosenberg

A Game Changer!

Pros: Estimating and cost analysis. It’s helped us to more accurately estimate the cost of the fasteners we manufacture. Con: Lacking some reports I’d like, but features are constantly being updated and added. Comments (Benefits): The ProShop team has been great. There are there for us whenever we need them. The software has helped us become more efficient in many areas from estimating to production. We are able to keep track of where jobs within the shop and when they are out for outside processes. We have a much better handle on the actual cost to produce our products, which

Debbie Stark

ProShop has been a game changer for our shop!

Pros: From the Sales modules making our estimating and quoting process much faster and trackable allowing us to win more jobs, to the tracking of orders and schedules, to the actual running of jobs. My management team alone is saving 40+ hours weekly simply having important information available at their finger tips to make decisions quickly and confidently. Knowing what jobs are running when, our purchasing department has been able to buy smarter resulting in COGS reduction of +10% through the first 6 months of implementation. Shop management is able to, at a glance, schedule jobs across 30+ machines in

Mike Payne

The next step

Pros: I like the overall design philosophy that uses check lists and color coding to quickly evaluate shop progress. It quickly bring things to your attention, the jobs or shop issues that need to be addressed. Cons: The learning curve and time needed to implement the software. There is so much to learn, but it is necessary to take advantage of this software. As with most things that have large learning curves, the cost is well worth the effort. Alternatives Considered: E2 Shop System, JobBOSS Reasons for Choosing ProShop: The overall design philosophy and the gantt charts for scheduling. Comments

David Wallway

great software

Pros: I like everything that I have used with this software. I have used it for Quality departments and also as a production supervisor. I think this software is is very user friendly. The support from them is fantastic. They have come out to our facility a few times and I have attended a couple of on line training sessions. all of these experiences were great. I cant say much on value for our money because I do not know how much my employer paid for it. I would recommend this software to any manufacturing company. Cons: I do not

Matthew Street

We love using Proshop

Pros: We like using Proshop because it is a paperless ERP system that our employees use daily for time tracking and work orders and all info is real time. Inspection, Training and preventative maintenance are all handle in Proshop without having to have different spreadsheets or software. This has made maintaining our ISO 9001 quality system a lot easier than our old software system. Cons: It would be nice if some of the modules were mobile friendly. Comments (Benefits): With adding Proshop as our ERP system, it has made it to were I am able to easily see what is

Jason Baldonado

ProShop Review

Pros: The ability to organize and track all aspects of our production process in real time. Cons: None really. Like all things great, it takes a bit of time to integrate the installation into your daily business. The benefits are plentiful, but it does take some time. Comments (Benefits): The Pro Shop team have been very attentive addressing any issues we had and we always felt they were there with us throughout the setup process. Great Company!

Jack Foster

The software that is getting us to the next level

Pros: I like how easy it is to find the information you need. It’s always one click away. Cons: Its a very complex ERP system. Sometimes it’s too many options. Comments (Benefits): love how easy it is to get the quality objectives and still trying to solve some custom adjustments with the Adion support team.

Dylan Alba

Get it.

Pros: The flow of it. The software will save you time. Cons: People who do “Office” work will be reassigned.

Don Rosenberg

Ease of use.

Pros: Information easily available without closing out windows to view Cons: Invoices have not been able to upload to QB Comments (Benefits): Ease of use. Able to have multiple screens open to get the maximum information at one time.

Lisa Parsons

A game changing software from a great team!

Pros: ProShop has been a game changer for us. We were moving away from 35+ years of a paper copy centric system and magnetic job board and we haven’t looked back. We now know we have all of the part information in one place and all of that relevant info is making it to floor. We are much more confident when estimating cost and lead time, and watching the work move though the shop in real time ensures we stay on track. We were surprised that we did not need to hire any extra bodies long term to manage the

Bryce Flug

ProShop Review

Pros: It is pretty easy to learn. Not much of a learning curve with this. Saves you a lot of time in the end as well by eliminating paper trails Cons: The interface is a little too much, needs to be a bit cleaner. Sometimes it can be hard to find what you are looking for, but that is just part of the learning curve

Brandon Krum

Adds quality control to organization.

Pros: Adds quality control to organization.
Cons: seems to be made for very specific type of Mfg. business.
Comments (Benefits):
Proshop has been great. The representative has been great with support. There are a few things that we are having to figure out to apply to the style of business (job shop machine and fabrication) Proshop seem very committed to helping us solve these issues or showing us options on how to apply and make work.

Tony Maiorana
Jetco Machine and Fabrication LLC

Amazing Customer Support

Pros: That we are now able to keep track of the work coming in the door.
Cons: There is no user manual.
Comments (Benefits):
We looked at a few different programs before deciding on ProShop. The deciding factor for us was the customer support available with the program. They are very hands on and prompt when questions or issues arise. Not to mention the fact that they welcome ideas and suggestions that will help improve both their program and productivity for your company. Adion Systems is a great company to work with.

Kim Cole
Jetco Machine & Fabrication

Great software and Excellent Support

Pros: All information is centrally located. All employees have access to job information, from every location.
Cons: Takes a while to get comfortable with navigation and use. Coming from no system to this, took a while to get used to filling in all the blanks.
Comments (Benefits):
We went from a scattered paper based system to ProShop. This system has greatly helped our company become more organized. All of the job information is in one place and is easy to see. Support from ProShop has been top notch. Fast to respond and great explanations when we aren’t

Jeremy Wimer
Jetco Machine and Fabrication

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More Testimonials

ProShop the Professionals

Pros: The creators of this software knew exactly what a user would be looking for in an ERP/CRM software. Everything about this software was easy to understand and quick to follow. The online help tool allows for the user to look for the answer(and usually find it) before contacting support. The work order and Customer PO modules are extremely detailed and allows for all information to be entered and easily accessible. Ordering COTS items with the Vendor PO module is a breeze, and only takes seconds! The simplicity yet details of the software is what really makes it the best

Nichole Gabrielli

Just Plain Easy!

Pros: It’s exactly as advertised. We were using a series of un-integrated systems across our project management, inventory, purchase order and QMS systems. As expected, things weren’t getting done on time and records were not kept to the level that we needed. Having everything combined into one system with real time data has made a dramatic impact on overall shop performance. Employees on the shopfloor are well versed in the various modules available and minimal training was required to get them up and running. The fact that everything is web based makes everything simple to use and pushes information around

Matthew Lindsay

ProShop, the best for the buck

Pros: Complete continuity across our business platform. Implementation is smooth and aggressive. Integrated QMS that most competitors do not have. Cons: Nothing that we have found to this point. Alternatives Considered: E2 Shop System, JobBOSS Reasons for Choosing ProShop: Complete functionality across manufacturing and quality management system Comments (Benefits): Organizational improvements with document control and product delivery and quality

Ned LaWarre

Machine Shop ERP

Pros: ProShop has all the features needed to run our machine shop. Cons: Some Dashboards are viewed best on larger size displays.

Adrian Spirea

ProShop turned Dynamic Balance Machine into a Pro-Shop.

Pros: Visibility. The biggest thing I like about ProShop is that I am able to see across all machining cells what jobs are being currently processed. I can see from multiple dashboards what is ready for outside processing, ready to inspect, ready to ship to the customer and what has been invoiced. I love that all of the information about a work order is accessible with in the click of a mouse. The other thing I really like is that a Quality Management System is so easy to maintain being built right into ProShop. Cons: The thing that I least

Ben Lang

Best Investment For Company

Pros: The TOTAL integration of the company. We were having to use our old ERP plus excel reports, plus gage management software, our own created pdf forms, calibration software. ProShop has combined all of this into one! There is 1 place for employees to go to for EVERYTHING! I have actually locked down our network server more because employees only need to access ProShop now for Quality Manuals, Procedures, Work instructions, drawings, inspection reports, Employee Manuals, training, etc. It’s all in there and it’s all digital. We have gone 100% paperless! Cons: There really is nothing to dislike. There are

Kody Guidry

Data Driven Decisions

Pros: ProShop brings all your data together in one application, allowing a real time view of every aspect of your operations. It allows pro-active management, it allows real-time analysis of the progress and performance against the original plan. Having this ability, allows corrective actions to be taken and small issues do not become large expensive ones. This system is paperless gathering everything from Time Clocking to preventative maintenance schedules in one package. It allows the inputs you have been collecting in the past, by various methods, to become a database to drive decisions. Cons: That we did not have ProShop

Peter Clark

Excellent ERP Software

Pros: The drill down to follow the trail, the traceability of each transaction and the built in QMS — Most of all the SUPPORT is beyond anyone’s expectations. We have used other ERP software before and found the support to be very limited. Cons: At first it is all overwhelming to anyone as there are so many views and options. However, once you begin to see how it works, you start catching on. Comments (Benefits): Not only part traceability but “User” traceability which holds accountability to each user. We have found that our reporting is easier, our internal auditing is

Pamela Nola

The software that got us machining again

Pros: It’s easy to use and prevents double work. Cons: Waiting to use it full time. During our overlap with E2 the benefits of Proshop became more evident. Eventually we just dropped using E2 and decided to deal with any consequences of shortening the overlap. There were none. Comments (Benefits): Tasks that took a day in E2, take only an hour in proshop. Whether it’s order entry, part creation or routing a job/part. The inventory involves COTS which has been amazing in creating BOMs for assemblies. We know at the order entry phase that we need to purchase and Proshop

Joseph Smrekar

Software is developed by machinists running machine shop and it works logically to run Manufacturing

Pros: Has all functions related to workflow for delivering parts from estimate to invoicing. Although software is complex with many functions, it starts making sense once you start using it. overtime it will save time on all processes related to workflow. Set up documentation and having real time data is very useful for updates on daily basis. Cons: Since software is complex for a beginner user, More training videos will helpful in quick learning processes Comments (Benefits): It will replace our paper workflow with digital paperless workflow. Real time data. set notes available to operators. Quotation process is standradized

Paul Ghotra

Thus far, absolutely fantastic.

Pros: Logical layout, depth of content, massive flexibility, covers everything. The software is fantastic, the support is fantastic.
Cons: The worst part about the software is trying to learn the amazing amount of features. You don’t need to learn them all to use it effectively, but I want to use it to is utmost and there is a lot to learn.
Comments (Benefits): Enriched that it touts, planning, traceability, scheduling.

Matthew Rodde
3d Industries

ProShop allows you to focus making product

Pros: Ease of use, paperless, it does everything.
Cons: none
Comments (Benefits):
ProShop is an excellent tool that allows us to build all of our processes into one consolidated package. It handles everything: customer contact and quotes, project management, work floor instructions, all QMS requirements all the way through shipping the product. It’s all there, all traceable and all paperless. ProShop has given us great features for managing schedules, inventory, equipment and maintenance, tool room, and even time-tracking of production. With just a few clicks we can see what is happening on any given job in real

Brian Anderson
Trulife Engineered Solutions

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