After meeting at the 2016 PNAA Conference in Lynwood WA in February, CNC Software Inc., the developers of Mastercam invited Adion Systems to co-exhibit ProShop in the Mastercam Booth and be part of a Partner Presentation every day.  The developers at Adion Systems developed some integrations with Mastercam such as being able to import cutting tools from ProShop into Mastercam, embedding Mastercam setup sheets into the setup instructions for Part records in ProShop, as well as embedding simulation videos.

From the Mastercam Website:

Afternoon Presentation
At 3:30PM each day we’ll have a special presentation that highlights the benefits of Mastercam and our vertical solution partners. We’ll take you through the full manufacturing process, with presentations from Adion Systems, Robotmaster, Verisurf, WireFreeCNC, Zoller, and Mastercam.

The Partner Presentation was a big hit, showing how shops can go completely paperless, and use best-in-class software solutions to increase efficiency, increase throughput and employee engagement, and boost profits. ProShop was featured as the ERP system that ties the entire system together.

It was an incredible honor to be recognized and included by Mastercam, the dominant leader in CNC programming software.