ProShop was recently featured in Industrial Machinery Digest with ProShop’s “Frontrunner” ranking (ranked by software advice) highlighted. In the article, Paul Van Metre-Adion systems co-founder, mentions that “ProShop represents ERP 4.0 or perhaps a Digital Manufacturing Ecosystem. It is a completely paperless, 100 percent electronic method of managing a facility’s business including shop floor monitoring of part quality inspection, work instructions and tool management, and doing it with a big data, manufacturing-analytics approach.” The article goes on to describe the functions of ProShop and how they compare to conventional ERP systems. ProShop includes typical ERP segments along with MES and QMS functions, while conventional ERP systems are accounting based and have minimal functionality for managing and controlling the shop floor environment. Another advantage of ProShop is that it can be used in the cloud, which can lower IT costs, scale with the company and make it easier to update. The last part of the article discusses the concerns of going paperless, like losing data. This worry is mitigated with the knowledge that with proper IT systems in place, your company data is continuously backed up. If there is a server crash, fire, flood or other disaster, the chances of losing your data with ProShop are nearly zero.

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