Instantly Know Everything You Need About NCRs!


You keep quality at the forefront of your shop’s values. You need software that does as well. Most ERP systems have no or very weak integration to quality which leads to higher scrap rates, lots of manual effort doing paperwork or managing separate systems.


ProShop has integrated inspection management and Quality Assurance tracking. Inspection plans can be defined and executed on work orders in the form of First Article Inspection Reports (FAIs) and In-Process Checks (IPC).

When results are entered, ProShop instantly analyzes them against the tolerances and alerts you if an inspection result is out of tolerance, and allows you to make an NCR with a single click, pulling all relevant job details into the NCRs. This functionality also exists on Vendor POs, RMAs and other pages, making the tracking and creation of NCRs virtually effortless and very low cost. Because the entire NCR process is paperless, it eliminates lots of manual and slow processes, so your QC and QA team can focus on the work of actually improving quality rather than pushing papers.

Save 50% of Your Time

Yes we mean it! The #1 most common feedback that we get from clients about their quality is that their Quality Managers free up about 50% of their time after switching to ProShop! That free time can be used to focus on driving meaningful improvements in the production process.

100% Paperless NCR process
One-click NCR generation is fast, and drives quality improvements
Easily focus on the most important quality issues
Real-Time alerts about NCRs helps get solutions fast
Drive scrap rates down with workflows to solve quality problems
Manage vendor quality and performance with NCRs integrated into procurement

Every part number you make, and every work order you process will automatically be connected to any quality records and NCRs related to it. From any part number you can see with a single click, the entire quality history of that part and quickly determine things like NCR codes, cause codes, scrap rate, or even which employees, shifts or workcenters cause the most NCRs.

This type of information is invaluable for decision making, and you shouldn’t need to run a report in a different software system, or look it up on paper forms because when it’s hard, you likely won’t do it, and won’t have the information you need to make good decisions. ProShop will solve that problem.