Easily purchase ALL the things you need, when you need them!

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Purchasing should be easy. Making sure you have the right materials, tools, and parts at the right time to support your production processes. Unfortunately it’s not always that easy and unplanned shortages wreak havoc on schedules, incur expedite fees, and cause your machines to sit idle, losing thousands of dollars per day.

ProShop solves these issues like no other shop management software. Purchasing with ProShop is fast, efficient, and comprehensive. Helping you manage raw materials, cutting tools, BOM items and outside processes with ease. Our integrated shopping cart system is constantly analyzing the demand for all items, and helping you consolidate that demand and automating the process to make purchasing the right items at the right times easier than ever. Upon receipt, all certs for purchased items are scanned and attached to each line item, setting the stage for easy retrieval of certs as described in the WO module.


Spend less money to keep your machines running more often!

How does purchasing help keep your machines running? Our clients tell us time and time again that their “legacy ERP” systems don’t handle purchasing well enough for all the things needed for their jobs. They are often caught off guard without the right materials, cutting tools, inspection gages, etc. and have to spend thousands of dollars per year to expedite items they’re missing. Here alone are 3 examples of clients who saved more on those fees than ProShop costs them. East Branch, 3D Industries, Pioneer Cuts. You can reduce the time you’re spending on purchasing and still have better results!

Manage ALL purchasing activity without spreadsheets – including cutting tools.
Reduce inventory holding costs by only buying exactly what you need, when you need it.
Reduce expediting fees and overnight shipping costs caused by shortages.
Issue POs to your vendors directly from the Purchasing Dashboard.
Manage all inbound certs seamlessly with 100% traceability.
Purchasing activities feed effortlessly into job costing.
Vendor performance feeds into Supplier Rating Dashboard.
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