Results don’t include the lead time needed to implement new ERP which varies widely. Typical results for ProShop in an average 20 person shop are about 6-10 weeks with no additional staff or overtime needed, and no reduction in throughput during the transition period.

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Offline Tool Presetting

Ripley Machine and tool

In a machine shop, you’re only making money when your spindles are cutting chips. Any time a machine is sitting idle, it’s a liability, not an asset. It’s costing you money, not making you money. So any shop’s priority should be to keep the spindles turning as often as possible….

How to Guarantee Reductions in Setup-Time and Improve Spindle Up-Time

Work order pre processing checklist

How many times has it happened in your shop that you go to set-up a job, only to realize that you’re missing a special tap?  Or maybe a thread gage, or a custom ground tool? Or anything else you might not normally need. Or even the material – which you definitely normally need!?!

Can an ERP help during COVID-19? Absolutely!

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As I write this post, the Coronavirus is sweeping the world. Schools, borders, events, gatherings and workplaces are being closed at a rapid pace. It’s an uncertain and ever changing situation. Some of the concerns I’ve heard shop owners share this week include how to best keep their employees safe, and mitigate the risks to their business as this pandemic unfolds.