J.P., Pearce Design

“I have been running ProShop for 4.5 yrs and have come to depend on it as much as any other asset in my business. ProShop significantly reduces time consumption in all aspects of manufacturing management from quoting to planning to purchasing and on through all needs of machine shop operations. Because this system is web based it can easily be access from any computer/tablet in the business. There is no more need retain any paper documentation as all information is stored digitally, and can easily be accessed. My shop is quite small and I primarily make tooling and prototypes. Often times I have many dozen, and occasionally up to several hundred, open work orders and I would not be able to manage this amount of work without ProShop. I have, and will continue to recommend ProShop to any machine shop interested in optimizing their profitability.”

D.H., IDL Precision

“Working with Adion Systems and implementing ProShop made our AS9100 certification process considerably faster and less expensive than if we had done it a different way. Their support was invaluable. ProShop has also helped tremendously in the operations of our company. We are able to get more work through the shop than we could before with less effort. ProShop also has helped save countless hours in preparing our AS9102 FAI packages due to the unique requirements by customer. What used to take hours now takes us minutes, and our paperwork quality has improved at the same time. We are big fans of ProShop software!”

M.S., Trulife Engineered Solutions

“We can’t imagine life without ProShop. ProShop is completely integrated at our main facility with every employee utilizing it on a daily basis. We have virtually eliminated tribal knowledge, maximizing effectiveness and allowing us to focus on the most profitable work. We are currently in the process of replacing multiple management systems with ProShop at another one of our facilities, recently completing the replacement of a dedicated maintenance software, vastly improving efficiency and saving countless labor hours. Adion Systems has been great to work with.”

R.O., Sealth Aero Marine

“It is shocking how much more efficient our company is after implementing ProShop. We saved 25% on our overhead costs immediately and finished the first year of implementation with a conservative 300% ROI. We were up and running in only 30 days after using our old ERP system for 15 years. We subsequently have more than doubled in revenue with only 15% more staff. I would estimate we would need about 10 additional staff if we were still on our old system. Adion has helped us completely change how our company is run. Working with their team has been nothing but a pleasure. They are extremely responsive to our needs and their support has been excellent. ProShop is also very robust. In the past 6 years we have been using ProShop it has never been down a single day.