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Enterprise Resource Planning modules


ProShop has powerful reporting and query and reporting functionality, allowing cross-module and multi-level reports to be generated.  Many reports and dashboards are automatically generated and always live, so you can see them at any time without having to run a … Continue reading


Dashboards are a critical tool to monitor the performance of the company and individual departments at all levels of the company. They are the tools that guide hourly and daily decision making on the shop floor and in the office … Continue reading


The Messaging system is critical for intra-company communications.  It is used as a replacement for email for many companies. This thread based system allows conversations between any groups of users with direct links to the applicable page in ProShop.  Users … Continue reading

Time Clock

ProShop has a built-in time clock for punching in and out of work.  A very fast interface allows any user to clock in or out from any device quickly using a password. Employees and managers can very easily see current … Continue reading


All employees who use ProShop are assigned as a User.  The User page gives HR and management a place to record important information about employees including employment information, benefit summary, contact information and more. Approved managers can also find direct … Continue reading


COTS stands for Components Off The Shelf.  It is where all non-custom items such as fasteners, fluids, materials, consumables and hardware are handled. COTS items can be added to any BOM on the Part and Work Order modules.  COTS may … Continue reading


Robust inventory control management is built into the Parts and COTS modules. See at a glance how much inventory you have in your company, the value and where it is located.  See every movement in and out of inventory for … Continue reading


With ProShop you can issue POs to your vendors directly from the Purchasing Dashboard which displays live purchasing requirements from planning for all active Work Orders based on need date and commodity type.  You can see all outstanding POs, late … Continue reading


Knowing the status of your jobs and if you will be on time is hard!  To do it well, you need to have up-to-the-minute status of jobs currently on the machines and if you have everything needed for jobs about … Continue reading

Job Costing

ProShop has powerful Job Costing functionality built-in.  As soon as any dollars are spent on a Work Order, or any time tracking is recorded, ProShop will start to tell you how much cost has been incurred on that Work Order and … Continue reading

Work Orders

Work Orders (WO) offer complete documentation of all current and past jobs with just a few clicks.  Find out up-to-the-minute status of all the jobs in your shop and link to information such as how many labor hours of time … Continue reading


The Parts module is where all part specific work instructions, quality templates, shop routings, and more are kept.  Media rich and visual work instructions including text, photos, and videos help guide employees to hit set-up and run targets, and helps … Continue reading


This is where you keep track of anyone you communicate with outside the company.  All customers, vendors, and other types of contacts are managed here.  For customers, you can include any number of individuals with their emails, phone numbers, notes, … Continue reading

Customer Purchase Orders

This module tracks every customer order with information about prices, delivery dates, Work Order numbers, First Article Inspection (FAI) requirements, etc. When a customer sends you a purchase order based on a quotation that was sent to them, you can … Continue reading


Once estimates are finalized, with a click you can generate a quote to send to a customer.  Two options exist for formatting Quotes, having a separate line item for any non-recurring costs in the form of an NRE, or dividing … Continue reading