Work Orders

Work Orders (WO) offer complete documentation of all current and past jobs with just a few clicks.  Find out up-to-the-minute status of all the jobs in your shop and link to information such as how many labor hours of time have been tracked, dollars spent out-of-pocket, how many parts are finished through what stage, where out-of-plant parts are at and when they will be back.  



The Parts module is where all part specific work instructions, quality templates, shop routings, and more are kept.  Media rich and visual work instructions including text, photos, and videos help guide employees to hit set-up and run targets, and helps to eliminate tribal knowledge on the shop floor.



This is where you keep track of anyone you communicate with outside the company.  All customers, vendors, and other types of contacts are managed here.  For customers, you can include any number of individuals with their emails, phone numbers, notes, etc. 


Customer Purchase Orders

This module tracks every customer order with information about prices, delivery dates, Work Order numbers, First Article Inspection (FAI) requirements, etc. When a customer sends you a purchase order based on a quotation that was sent to them, you can quickly and easily turn that quotation into a Customer PO with one click. 



Once estimates are finalized, with a click you can generate a quote to send to a customer.  Two options exist for formatting Quotes, having a separate line item for any non-recurring costs in the form of an NRE, or dividing the NRE costs into the unit price of each of the quantities you are quoting.  


The estimates module allows you quickly create detailed cost and time estimates for parts or assemblies – either from scratch or our Rapid Estimate Template system.  You can create any process flow for the part you are estimating, including labor time for set-up and cycle time, out-of-pocket costs for raw materials, BOM items, and out-of-plant processes.