Time Tracking

It is essential for time tracking to be accurate, specific and fast to record.  The Time Tracking module was designed to take just a few seconds to interface with and allows employees to record which Work Orders they are working on (if any), what type of work they are doing such as set-up, running, programming, troubleshooting, how many parts have been made and more. 



All employees who use ProShop are assigned as a User.  The User page gives HR and management a place to record important information about employees including employment information, benefit summary, contact information and more.


Work Cells

Workcells are the items that are used for the schedule.  Any machine tool, workbench, equipment, or even person can be assigned as a workcell. Once assigned as a workcell, the number and timing of available hours per day can be managed using the schedule to allow unlimited work shift schedules.  



RTA stands for Rotating Tool Assembly.  This module is specifically for companies who perform machining and manages a combination of tool holder, collet, cutting tool, inserts, and out-of-holder length.  By standardizing and managing common tool assembly configurations, shops can get the most consistent performance from their tools and machines.  



The Fixtures module allows management of all fixtures for custom work holding, vises, chucks and more. Storage locations as well as all applicable Parts and active Work Orders which use the fixture is just a click away.



The Tooling module is where all consumable tooling is managed and tracked. Any important attribute can be recorded, searched, etc. In addition to seeing a complete inventory of all tools in the tool crib, users can also see any tool that is currently in use in a Workcell (machine tool or tool caddy) and what is forecast to be needed from any current Work Orders.



The equipment module is a fully functional CMMS system, where all company assets, equipment and inspection equipment are managed.  It serves the dual function of managing and tracking all maintenance for any equipment as well as calibration requirements for precision instruments. 



Knowing the status of your jobs and if you will be on time is hard!  To do it well, you need to have up-to-the-minute status of jobs currently on the machines and if you have everything needed for jobs about to hit the machine.


Work Orders

Work Orders (WO) offer complete documentation of all current and past jobs with just a few clicks.  Find out up-to-the-minute status of all the jobs in your shop and link to information such as how many labor hours of time have been tracked, dollars spent out-of-pocket, how many parts are finished through what stage, where out-of-plant parts are at and when they will be back.    


The Parts module is where all part specific work instructions, quality templates, shop routings, and more are kept.  Media rich and visual work instructions including text, photos, and videos help guide employees to hit set-up and run targets, and helps to eliminate tribal knowledge on the shop floor.