The Standards module is where all the requirements of the quality system are stored.  The standards module is configurable for ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO 13485, American Petroleum Institute (API), ISO 14001 or any others.  


Return Material Authorizations (RMA)

RMAs are a core component of the QMS system. They enable a way to track all incoming product returned or rejected by a Customer. Links to create RMAs are strategically placed on pages where such an action might be initiated to make the process quick and easy.


Non-Conformance Reports (NCR)

The NCR module tracks and manages any kind of quality non-conformance and ties it back to the ERP system.  NCRs can be one of three types: Internal (Work Order), External (Vendor PO), or Customer (RMA).


Audit Reports

The Audit module tracks the process of issuing audits, tracking the results of and follow up of audit findings. Audit Reports can be initiated from either internal or external audits.


Preventative Action

Preventative Action Requests (PAR) behave just like Corrective actions.  They can be issued from RMAs, Audits, NCRs, management reviews and more. The PAR module ties in and links directly to any applicable other modules such as Work Orders, Purchase Orders and NCRs. 


Corrective Action

Corrective Action Requests (CAR) may be issued for any reason including from RMAs, Audits, NCRs, Management Reviews and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. They may be internal, or issued to 3rd party such as a vendor.



The Training module offers training for any Task, Quality Procedure, or stand-alone activity. Trainings include instructions on how to accomplish any activity, and may include tests, videos, photos, etc.  When a User completes a training, they are signed off on a new higher proficiency level by the designated trainer.



The Task module is an extremely robust yet lightweight way to document and rev. control all of the important tasks, processes and work instructions in your company.  With a full text editor built in, they may include rich text, checklists, videos, photos, PDFs, etc. 



Quality Procedures or QPs are detailed documents that cover specific areas of the company and how the systems and procedures are managed to ensure that high quality and efficiency is maintained.


Quality Manual

The Quality Manual is a broad document that sets forth the quality system procedures and defines compliance with the standards your company is certified for. It includes the company Quality Policy and goals, Key Performance Indicators, a detailed description of the quality system, procedures, and other resources for maintaining high quality product and services.