The best ERP system on the market!

Pros: One of the best things is the fact it's cloud based, so I can work from anywhere and get things done without being tied down to a computer at the shop. In addition, the Support team is great resolving questions/queries that may arise. Easy to click and navigate, and hyperlinks all over that link [...]

Powerful Software

Pros: I really love this software. It is designed to be a paperless system which makes record keeping much easier. Very user friendly to navigate through. It is Internet based so you can upload pictures and videos to a specific job or operation. Job costing works live all throughout the process. Machine efficiency, utilization and [...]

The ERP System You Will Love!

Pros: Real-time, accessible data. Data is at one's fingertips! Job status can easily be reviewed and reported back to the customer with confidence. With a simple query search, one can easily glean off of past jobs for production times, out of pocket costs, setup information, etc. the list goes on. Another aspect would be understanding [...]


Pros: ProShop organizes every aspect of our company. Traceability and overall accuracy are of most importance. With multiple levels of quality control (including check lists and document verification), ProShop provides security and confidence in our work. The fluidity of each module and their relationship to each other is intuitive. Cons: In the beginning, ProShop was [...]

Great System!

Pros: Very user friendly, very easy to fix any mistakes since all the boxes are text boxes that can be edited. I like the info boxes all throughout that help explain and go into details about things if you aren't sure what they are or what they might do. Cons: Can be slightly overwhelming initially [...]

ProShop Software

Pros: The software is very user friendly for people at all levels of the organization. The single software manages all aspects of our manufacturing company beginning with estimating and ending with invoicing. It is completely paperless and eliminates many unneeded man hours for tasks like data entry or collecting out of rev prints from the [...]

Small shop, Large Vision

Pros: With this software, we are performing proactive responses and communicating more precisely, which saves time. Working thru the software is so easy and smooth. We can do more with less staff. Cons: Too much information. With any new software change, there is a learning curve. It takes some some to adjust. Reasons for Switching [...]

Awesome Software

Pros: ProShop is a game changer. There are too many to functions of the software that help me do my job, as well as help others to list here. Some of the main features that help me as the Production manager are: Time Tracking, Profit tracking and traceability. On top of an overall great product [...]

Outstanding software, delivered from an amazing team

Pros From the moment you start using ProShop running your business is so much more streamlined and efficient. ProShop is by far the best ERP/QMS/MES software on the market today. ProShop definitely gives us a competitive advantage. Cons Being based in Melbourne Australia, some of the terminology in the software was a little unfamiliar, but [...]

Top notch software.

Pros: The best part of the software is how easy it is to move between the features. All of the information you would want about a part or process is never more than a click or two away. I also like how scalable it is. It works for a company whether they have 3 or [...]