ProShop Review

Pros: The detail it has the ability to store and collect. Love the fact not everything has to be filled out to continue on with the work. The team seem very intelligent and understands the actual work being performed, unlike other ERP systems that focus mainly on Accounting. Cons: Not all of the bugs are [...]

Excellent ERP System for Machine Shops

My company evaluated many ERP systems for our 50 person machine shop in 2014 and decided upon ProShop. We selected the system because of its completely linked operational system, and because it makes it easy to be fully compliant to AS9100. We have been very happy with the transition and with the software. The built-in [...]

Amazing program

Pros: modular, scheduling, QA system included, all web based(use in any location) Cons: none Comments (Benefits): I began using Proshop about 3 years ago. The goal for the shop that I work at was to become AS certified and more efficient in our processing of orders. Pre-Proshop for us looked like excel spreadsheets that took [...]

Long time ProShop user

Pros: Easy access to every piece of information in your business instantaneously. No need to hunt through filling cabinets, searching for a print from last year that had a note on it that you need. Within just a few seconds you can pull up any job you have ran and all information about that job [...]

All-in-one software that gives us real time visibility from anywhere in the world

Pros: That it is an all-in-one software that gives us real time visibility from anywhere in the world. Cons: Some software updates can be rather lengthy between releases. Comments (Benefits): Pro Shop has significantly reduced our labor rates, as it has provided us a paperless system that is real time and extremely accurate. Pro Shop [...]