Very pleased that the software was exactly as advertised

You may remember me from the PNAA conference a year and a half ago and you will certainly remember my QMA manager, Anne. At that conference, I stopped at your booth and got a presentation on your software. I was interested, but we were operating the Shoptech system at the time and were completely comfortable [...]

Look no further

Pros: ProShop is in all in one tool for our business. From quotes to cash ProShop does it all. This software helps everyone from the office to the manufacturing floor get the information they need to do their job. We finally did our first quality audit with ProShop and it was a breeze. Cons: A [...]

Powered by Proshop

Pros: -Customer Service is excellent - responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly. -Quality Oriented - The quality module is extensive and made our ISO audit easier than ever before. -Web Based - Office employees have the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Hyperlinks make navigation between different areas of the software easy and intuitive. [...]

ProShop for the win

Pros: This product is revolutionizing my company. These guys have done all the heavy lifting so that I can work on my business while the system works the business. Cons: This system is very configurable. That means there is a lot to learn. Its a Marathon. It takes a lot of time to get up [...]

ProShop in a Student-Run Manufacturing Business

Pros:cProShop is a very robust ERP system that is intuitive to use. The primary users of ProShop in our student-run business are high school students. They can pickup the basics of ProShop very quickly once they start using the system. Cons: The immense amount of functionality in ProShop is actually a slight con for us, [...]

ProShop has helped us work on the right project at the right time.

Pros: I like that the employees on the shop floor can add information to a part for setup/part production themselves instead of finding a supervisor to do it for them. We also like that it makes folders that are linked to the part in the system so we find that we don't loose any CAD [...]

Software for small business that THINK BIG

Pros: This software can manage data anywhere. Cons: There is nothing that I like least about this software. Alternatives Considered: JobBOSS Reasons for Choosing ProShop: Proshop was offering more options for the manufacturing shop floor. Reasons for Switching to ProShop: I had a long list of challenges that my current software was not doing. Proshop [...]

A Game Changer!

Pros: Estimating and cost analysis. It's helped us to more accurately estimate the cost of the fasteners we manufacture. Con: Lacking some reports I'd like, but features are constantly being updated and added. Comments (Benefits): The ProShop team has been great. There are there for us whenever we need them. The software has helped us [...]

ProShop has been a game changer for our shop!

Pros: From the Sales modules making our estimating and quoting process much faster and trackable allowing us to win more jobs, to the tracking of orders and schedules, to the actual running of jobs. My management team alone is saving 40+ hours weekly simply having important information available at their finger tips to make decisions [...]

We love using Proshop

Pros: We like using Proshop because it is a paperless ERP system that our employees use daily for time tracking and work orders and all info is real time. Inspection, Training and preventative maintenance are all handle in Proshop without having to have different spreadsheets or software. This has made maintaining our ISO 9001 quality [...]