Adds quality control to organization.

Pros: Adds quality control to organization. Cons: seems to be made for very specific type of Mfg. business. Comments (Benefits): Proshop has been great. The representative has been great with support. There are a few things that we are having to figure out to apply to the style of business (job shop machine and fabrication) [...]

Amazing Customer Support

Pros: That we are now able to keep track of the work coming in the door. Cons: There is no user manual. Comments (Benefits): We looked at a few different programs before deciding on ProShop. The deciding factor for us was the customer support available with the program. They are very hands on and prompt [...]

Great software and Excellent Support

Pros: All information is centrally located. All employees have access to job information, from every location. Cons: Takes a while to get comfortable with navigation and use. Coming from no system to this, took a while to get used to filling in all the blanks. Comments (Benefits): We went from a scattered paper based system [...]