ProShop Review

Pros: The ability to organize and track all aspects of our production process in real time. Cons: None really. Like all things great, it takes a bit of time to integrate the installation into your daily business. The benefits are plentiful, but it does take some time. Comments (Benefits): The Pro Shop team have been [...]

The software that is getting us to the next level

Pros: I like how easy it is to find the information you need. It's always one click away. Cons: Its a very complex ERP system. Sometimes it's too many options. Comments (Benefits): love how easy it is to get the quality objectives and still trying to solve some custom adjustments with the Adion support team.

Get it.

Pros: The flow of it. The software will save you time. Cons: People who do "Office" work will be reassigned.

Ease of use.

Pros: Information easily available without closing out windows to view Cons: Invoices have not been able to upload to QB Comments (Benefits): Ease of use. Able to have multiple screens open to get the maximum information at one time.

A game changing software from a great team!

Pros: ProShop has been a game changer for us. We were moving away from 35+ years of a paper copy centric system and magnetic job board and we haven't looked back. We now know we have all of the part information in one place and all of that relevant info is making it to floor. [...]

Adds quality control to organization.

Pros: Adds quality control to organization. Cons: seems to be made for very specific type of Mfg. business. Comments (Benefits): Proshop has been great. The representative has been great with support. There are a few things that we are having to figure out to apply to the style of business (job shop machine and fabrication) [...]

Amazing Customer Support

Pros: That we are now able to keep track of the work coming in the door. Cons: There is no user manual. Comments (Benefits): We looked at a few different programs before deciding on ProShop. The deciding factor for us was the customer support available with the program. They are very hands on and prompt [...]

Great software and Excellent Support

Pros: All information is centrally located. All employees have access to job information, from every location. Cons: Takes a while to get comfortable with navigation and use. Coming from no system to this, took a while to get used to filling in all the blanks. Comments (Benefits): We went from a scattered paper based system [...]