Just Plain Easy!

Pros: It's exactly as advertised. We were using a series of un-integrated systems across our project management, inventory, purchase order and QMS systems. As expected, things weren't getting done on time and records were not kept to the level that we needed. Having everything combined into one system with real time data has made a [...]

Machine Shop ERP

Pros: ProShop has all the features needed to run our machine shop. Cons: Some Dashboards are viewed best on larger size displays.

Data Driven Decisions

Pros: ProShop brings all your data together in one application, allowing a real time view of every aspect of your operations. It allows pro-active management, it allows real-time analysis of the progress and performance against the original plan. Having this ability, allows corrective actions to be taken and small issues do not become large expensive [...]

Thus far, absolutely fantastic.

Pros: Logical layout, depth of content, massive flexibility, covers everything. The software is fantastic, the support is fantastic. Cons: The worst part about the software is trying to learn the amazing amount of features. You don't need to learn them all to use it effectively, but I want to use it to is utmost and [...]