ProShop, the best for the buck

Pros: Complete continuity across our business platform. Implementation is smooth and aggressive. Integrated QMS that most competitors do not have. Cons: Nothing that we have found to this point. Alternatives Considered: E2 Shop System, JobBOSS Reasons for Choosing ProShop: Complete functionality across manufacturing and quality management system Comments (Benefits): Organizational improvements with document control and [...]

ProShop turned Dynamic Balance Machine into a Pro-Shop.

Pros: Visibility. The biggest thing I like about ProShop is that I am able to see across all machining cells what jobs are being currently processed. I can see from multiple dashboards what is ready for outside processing, ready to inspect, ready to ship to the customer and what has been invoiced. I love that [...]

Excellent ERP Software

Pros: The drill down to follow the trail, the traceability of each transaction and the built in QMS -- Most of all the SUPPORT is beyond anyone's expectations. We have used other ERP software before and found the support to be very limited. Cons: At first it is all overwhelming to anyone as there are [...]

The software that got us machining again

Pros: It's easy to use and prevents double work. Cons: Waiting to use it full time. During our overlap with E2 the benefits of Proshop became more evident. Eventually we just dropped using E2 and decided to deal with any consequences of shortening the overlap. There were none. Comments (Benefits): Tasks that took a day [...]

ProShop allows you to focus making product

Pros: Ease of use, paperless, it does everything. Cons: none Comments (Benefits): ProShop is an excellent tool that allows us to build all of our processes into one consolidated package. It handles everything: customer contact and quotes, project management, work floor instructions, all QMS requirements all the way through shipping the product. It's all there, [...]