We purchased a well-established, long running shop with a great regional reputation…with plans to grow. One hurdle in the way was the 20 year old homegrown “ERP”. Don’t get me wrong, it served the shop very well for a long time, but it was tired, cumbersome and built on a platform no longer supported. I came from an IT background many years ago, specifically integrating various solutions into manufacturing ERP systems and I immediately began researching all the  options on the market. Fortunately, I came across ProShop, headed to IMTS to meet with their crew and came home knowing what choice I was making.

My biggest hesitation was rolling out a paperless system to our team. The ProShop team made the entire process so easy! We immediately began online training, got ProShop onsite and were going live in no time at all.

The results? Completely exceeded our expectations.

From the Sales modules making our estimating and quoting process much faster and trackable allowing us to win more jobs, to the tracking of orders and schedules, to the actual running of jobs. My management team alone is saving 40+ hours weekly simply having important information available at their finger tips to make decisions quickly and confidently. Knowing what jobs are running when, our purchasing department has been able to buy smarter resulting in COGS reduction of +10% through the first 6 months of implementation. Shop management is able to, at a glance, schedule jobs across 30+ machines in a logical order that helps ensure we deliver parts on time to our customers. We are able to communicate with customers in real-time about their jobs and make adjustments as necessary to make certain our customer needs are met.

The biggest unplanned benefit was the depth of knowledge ProShop has given me about our shop. As a 40+ year old shop, coming from and 20+ year old home grown “ERP”, there was tons of tribal knowledge that is now being captured, documented, and shared. ProShop also exposed problems we didn’t even know we had.  Now we are able to make confident decisions based on real data not just historical assumptions.

We bought the shop with plans for growth. We’ve experienced ~50% quarter over quarter growth the last 3 quarters since implementing ProShop. We could not have done it without ProShop.